Can Tabs Turn In to Dollars for the Shriners Hospitals




Wait a second, arenít you forgetting something? Before you toss that soda can into the waste basket or recycling bin, you might want to pop off the tab. Itís just a little scrap of metal you say? What difference can it make? For patients of several Shriners Hospitals for Children, it makes a big difference.

The Shriners Hospitals of Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Houston, Minne-apolis, Philadelphia, Salt Lake City, Springfield and Tampa all benefit from aluminum can tab recycling projects. Inmost cases, hospital volunteers, Shriners Temples or Shriner related organizations coordinate the program.

Since 1990 Davenport, Iowa Shriner shave raised $128,000 with 268,000pounds (thatís 134 tons!) of scrap aluminum. Springfield Shriners raised $22,000 through can tab collections.

Similar amounts have been raised by various other Shriners and other organizations. It takes 1000 tabs to equal a pound, but it adds up quickly. The money earned from recycled tabs is used to buy medical and non-medical items for patients

If you would like direction on how to start a can tab project to benefit your nearby Shriners Hospital please contact Cherie Girard at Shriners International Headquarters at (813) 281-0300.

Pinardville Lions Club is already collecting can tabs. If your club feels it cannot handle an additional project- the Pinardville Lions will be most happy to receive whatever can tabs your member saccrue and see that they are processed to benefit the Shriners Hospitals.